Analysts want Atlanta Hawks to use Trey Young more like Stephen Curry


Analysts want Atlanta Hawks to use Trey Young more like Stephen Curry

Comparing Atlanta Hawks point guard Trey Young and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors at any time can be a bit confusing. At different stages of their careers, it seems unfair to try to simplify their respective games because they have a similar build and polarizing presence.

Analyst and former 14-year-old NBA veteran Jim Jackson has made a very valid point about the Hawks’ struggle and a possible solution during the fourth quarter of the 110-86 loss to the Miami Heat in the fourth quarter.

It came as Jackson said bluntly in his assessment, “It looks like a pro team playing against a young college team.”

Anthony did not evaluate what happened to include Carrie.


NBA analyst Jim Jackson wants Atlanta Hawks to get Trey Young off the ball even more.

Jimmy Butler and one with 6:36 seconds in the fourth quarter gave the Heat a 95-69 lead. Anthony begins his comment with “It’s no disrespect to hawks”, but the truth is often more painful than lies. And for the Hawks, this series has cleared one thing on the Hawks Wing at one time.

His broadcast partner, Ian Eagle, broke down, saying “they broke their will.” Jackson agrees that Hawks’ body language told the story. At that moment, they shot just 38.1% off the floor and dropped to 10 out of 33.

Trey Young took just one attempt in the three-point line throughout the game.

“The nice thing about Steff is that you can play Steff off the ball. He’s willing to give it up because you have a playmaker like Draymond, and Jordan Poole who can facilitate crime which … makes it easier for Steff to be Steff. You say to manage everything on the track. And he’s going to be less efficient for a player until he finds the playmakers … to play him off a little ball.

Both Eagle and Jackson have noted Young’s current level of power. But the Hawks style has a ceiling on how far it can go and it basically depends on the matchup.

At Jackson’s point, according to data, Golden State has led the league in screen rate this season and is 12th in points per game. Atlanta ranks 20th in frequency and 27th in points per game. The Hawks employ more pick-and-roll in their scheme, but the gap is not as big as the screen.

They were also unable to use their bread-and-butter action in this series due to the absence of Clint Capella in Games 2 and 3.

Young has crossed the total distance for offense in the regular season thanks to appearing in 12 more games. But Curry Young’s distance per game is 0.07 miles per game.

If you don’t see how much the curry ball moves, it won’t feel too much. Compare this to the young man who can often stand in one place in Hawks’s offense until the ball returns to him.

At that point, the shot clock is usually too low even for the pick-and-roll and is left to give him a three-pointer.

There are similar inequalities in terms of cuts but there the Hawks are more efficient, in fourth place making 1.37 PPP.

Jackson ended his thinking by placing a lot of responsibility on Young for the team’s improvement, “he must be willing to… long term success for this Hawks team, they have to figure it out”.

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