Google Doodle remembered this famous painter of Iraq today, know who was Naziha Salim

naziha salim

Today, on 23rd April, Google remembered Naziha Salim through a doodle. Najiha depicted the lives of rural Iraqi women with her art.

Google Doodle: Today, on the twenty-third Apr, Google remembered Naziha Taurus through a doodle. one among the influential artists was Najiha painter and prof. Najiha is alleged to own pictured the lives of rural Iraqi ladies along with her art.

If you look fastidiously at Google’s doodle these days, 2 completely different footage square measures are visible in it. In one image, Najiha Taurus has seen within which a brush is visible in her hand, and on the opposite hand, a glimpse of her painting is visible.

allow us to tell you, Najiha was born in 1927 in a metropolis. Najiha had 3 brothers World Health Organization worked within the field of art. conjointly his father was accustomed be a painter and his mother was accustomed do embroidery work.

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It is aforesaid that Najiha has completed her graduation in Fine Arts. Naziha became the primary girl to be awarded for additional studies at the cole National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Naziha came back to Baghdad a number of years later.

Najiha is remembered together of Iraq’s most noted artists. Let Pine Tree State tell you, he died on January fifteen, 2008.


Google on Saturday (April 23, 2022) paid tribute to Naziha Selim, a painter, professor, and one of the most influential artists in the contemporary art scene in Iraq, through her doodle artwork. On this day in 2020, the Brazilian Art Foundation highlighted Naziha’s work in their collection of female artists.

The doodle is a tribute to Selim’s style of painting and his contribution to the art. It is a combination of two images – Selim with a brush and his work that has always highlighted rural Iraqi women and peasant life through bold brush strokes and bright colors.

Born into a family of Iraqi artists in Turkey, Selim loved to create his own art from an early age. He enrolled at the Fine Arts Institute in Baghdad, where he studied painting and graduated with distinction. Due to her hard work and passion for art, she became one of the first women to receive a scholarship to continue her education at the  National Superior des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

In Paris, Selim was an expert in frescoes and mural paintings. After graduation, he immersed himself in art and culture and spent several years abroad.

Eventually, he came back to Baghdad to figure at the Institute of Fine Arts, wherever he can teach till retirement. He was active within the Iraqi art community and a creation member of Al-Ruwad, a community of artists United Nations agency studied abroad and incorporated European art techniques into Iraqi aesthetics.

Selim conjointly wrote the book Iraq: up to date Art, a very important resource for the first development of the country’s fashionable social movement.

Today’s Google Doodle conjointly celebrates St. George’s Day, ceremonial the guardian of the European country, St. George, celebrated for the legend that depicts him killing a dragon to avoid wasting his patrician.


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