Happy Eid at night

Happy Eid

Happy Eid at night

Happy Eid The moon of the holy month of Shawwal was seen in the sky of the country on Monday (May 2) evening. As such, Eid is celebrated at night. Edgars all over the country is ready for Jamaat.

The joy of participating in Eid Jamaat in groups with family members and friends is a different kind of peace. But the devout Muslims were deprived of this joy at the hands of Corona. This time Edgar is ready as there are no restrictions.

Happy Eid In the divisional cities of the country, the Edgar grounds for the big Eid Jamaat are being washed and cleaned and the high and low grounds are being leveled with rollers. Samina is being pulled to protect herself from storms and rains. However, if it rains heavily, Eid Jamaat will be held in different mosques.

Security has been beefed up to ensure smooth prayers for the worshipers. Members of various law enforcement agencies including police, RAB, BGB, and Ansar will be deployed in and around Edgar ground. It is the hope of the devout Muslims that Eid will strengthen the bond of harmony along with religious solemnity.

The main congregation of the holy Eid-ul-Fitr will be held at the National Eidgah Maidan at 8:30 am. However, if this congregation is not possible due to inclement weather or any other unavoidable reason, the main congregation of Eid will be held at 9 am at Baitul Mukarram National Mosque.

In the meantime, the busy relatives have left the capital and returned to their roots. For various reasons, for those who were stuck in the last-minute smooth journey, their destination is also near the backyard and favorite faces of childhood. There is a traffic jam at the ferry crossing at Shimulia-Paturia Ghat. However, the highway is completely empty. And inside the train, on the roof, there is no crowd of passengers anywhere. The joy of returning home without any hindrance is in everyone’s eyes.

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