Orsolya Gaal Suspect David Bonola Charged With Queens Mom

Orsolya Gaal

Orsolya Gaal Suspect David Bonola Charged With Queens Mom

A suspect was charged Thursday morning in the brutal murder of Queens’ mother Orsolia Gall – multiple sources told The Post she was his ex-boyfriend.

David Bonola, 44, was taken into custody and charged with murder, criminal tampering, and criminal possession of a weapon for a brutal stabbing over the weekend, the NYPD confirmed early Thursday Orsolya Gaal.

Multiple sources have told The Post that Bonola was a tool that was thought to be Gal’s girlfriend as well – and he made a full confession after his arrest of Orsolya Gaal.

He was picked up for a pair of blood-soaked boots left at the Royal Forest Hills home in Galle after being stabbed about 60 times early Saturday, sources said. Bonola, from Richmond Hill, has no previous arrests, according to

A Facebook account in her name had previously commented on some of Gal’s photos – as well as public messages of her

Es la Mujer más Hermosa” – Spanish for “She’s the most beautiful woman” – she wrote a photo of herself in May 2020, along with a red-faced emoji covering her heart.

The message included an emoji of the Guatemalan flag, a few months after Gall posted that he liked “everything in Guatemala” – and a year after posting pictures of his own travels in the Central American country.

Your eyes are in love,” she wrote in Spanish in a screenshot of May posing with her friends during a zoom party.

Your eyes are in love,” he commented with an affectionate emoji in May 2020 posing for a cheek during a zoom party with friends. That same month, she posted a heart and a simple “hola” in a childhood photo of Gall – which she posted as a sandwich between two joyful tributes to her husband, along with a picture of their wedding day.

The rarely used account, which suggests he was a scriptwriter, also sent a heartfelt photo to Gal in October 2019. Mom gave a thumbs up in her comments every time Orsolya Gaal David Bonola.


Their account was not officially listed as a friend on Thursday, with another one in his name being used regularly.

Gall, 51, went out on a show with friends at the Lincoln Center on Friday evening – and then chatted at a bar in his vicinity, apparently hoping to meet someone who had never shown up, sources said. The scene of the discovery of the body of Orsolia Gall on Metropolitan Avenue in Queens David Bonola.

Orsolya Gaal

Orsolya Gaal
A person is in custody in Orsolya Gaal connection with the death of Orsolya Gaal.
Orsolya Gaal
Police remove Orsolya Gaal’s body from the scene of the stabbing.


Once at home, he was repeatedly stabbed and then hidden in a black bower hockey bag like his children. Granular video from a nearby doorbell camera shows a mysterious man carrying a bloody duffel bag away from the cheek house around 4:30 p.m. A local resident found the remains of his dog about four hours later while walking.

Gall’s 13-year-old son was upstairs when his mother was brutally murdered downstairs and he was taken to a perimeter for a brief interrogation, saying he did not know where his mother was. Her 53-year-old husband, Howard Klein, was in college in Oregon with their 17-year-old son at the time.

Klein told police he received a text from his wife’s phone after his death warning that “your whole family is by your side,” according to law enforcement sources and WPIX. As he was returning home to New York on Saturday, he told The Post that he feared his whole family would be in danger.

“We have security concerns,” Klein claimed. “Our lives are at stake.” The arrested suspect is David Bonola, a 44-year-old handyman from Queens. According to the New York Post, the NYPD report confirmed that Gal was taken into custody on charges related to murder,

Orsolya Gaal

criminal tampering, and criminal possession of a weapon, and was charged early Thursday. Sources cited by the newspaper claimed that Handman was the girlfriend of a 51-year-old woman who was married to her husband Howard Klein and lived at home with her two teenage children where police suspect her killer was killed before her body could be taken away. Half a mile away

Orsolya Gaal


According to the New York Post, Bonola was arrested for a pair of blood-soaked boots left at the victim’s home. He had no previous criminal record, police said, according to newspaper reports. According to sources quoted by both NBC and the New York Post,

Gaul went out on Friday night because her husband and her eldest son were out of town for a college visit. He allegedly told his young son that he was going to see a show at the Lincoln Center in Manhattan. Gall was later spotted alone at a bar in Queens, where sources quoted by the New York Post and NBC said he drank alcohol 45 minutes before leaving alone Orsolya Gaal.

The manager of Forest Hills Station House, Gastropub, where Gall was last seen alive on Friday, April 15, told NBC that he remembers seeing the victim sitting quietly at the bar.

He was here on Friday, right in the center of the bar. There was a Moscow mule, there was a bite to eat. I talked to some of the staff members who knew him, walking around in conversation,” Gabriel Veras told NBC. “He was a very, very sweet regular. He left alone and the next day we were shocked.


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